1h 15min | (2013)

It's summer holidays, and the planned Italian holiday with Jasmin's foster family is just around the corner. Everyone is looking forward to the trip - except Jasmin. She wants to be with Eva, her biological mother, who is back after serving a long prison term. After a fight with her foster family, Jasmin runs away and persuades Eva to spend a short holiday in the countryside with her.

IMDb 6,1/10 (NUMB, '(2013)', 'Talea ', ' Talea tt2677368 ', 'Drama yr-2013', 'https://gledajonline.net/sa-prevodom-film/talea-2013-online-sa-prevodom-hd-filmovihd', 'https://gledajonline.net/images/talea-2013.jpg'),

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